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Prime World is a revolutionary cross-platform action/strategy game set in a unique universe that combines battlefield tactics, tower management and hero development. Prime World brings the genre to a new level, allowing you to develop your warriors not just on the battlefield, but also in your own Castle by collecting and creating deadly skill combinations that you will then be able to unleash in combat. The large diversity of available talents allows each player to develop their character to match their own unique play style.

In Prime World, every player is free to engage with whatever aspects of the game they like best. Some players might be interested in the process of building structures, acquiring resources in the castle, collecting character talents, and using those talents to create unique heroes. Other players might prefer to focus more on battling enemy heroes or supporting their allies with bonuses earned for winning mini-games right on the tactical map.

The crux of the game lies in an ongoing conflict between two nations: the Dokht Imperium and the Keepers of Adornia. The two nations are plunged in an endless struggle for control over Prime, a crucial resource -- the possession of which could easily tip the balance of power. Prime is a dangerous substance with magical properties that can at the same time be a source of new technologies. Its ability to change and even control the world makes it highly desirable throughout the world. Whoever controls Prime controls the entire world.



Let’s take a moment and outline the major features of Prime World:

1) Prime World combines tactical battles with strategic elements. You can be anything from a mighty general to an august lord or lady of a castle.

2) Prime World has a social component: players can form clans and use social networks to collaborate together. Your social network friends will be your allies on the Prime World battlefield.

3) Every hero in the world of Praia can be fully customized using a unique talent-based system (as opposed to being artifact-based as in many other games).

4) Every match offers players a variety of ways to level their character, including mini-games, which means that every PvP encounter is going to be different.

5) The game is centered around a conflict between two forces that are very different from one another.

6) Prime World features a unique terramorphing system that allows players to seize terrain using their faction’s flags. Native Terrain enhances the abilities of the heroes located on it.





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